As many of you may know, the Boonton High School Snow Ball is coming up.

This dance has been organized by the SRA, for it was highly requested by the students at BHS. It is to take place on Feb. 22, 2020, at Zeris Inn. Many staff and faculty members have put much effort into this dance in hopes that the students will have a night to remember.

Food will be served, so that is something to really look forward to, and there will be music and a DJ as well!

Out of the 20 people who filled out a survey I conducted, seven people said that they planned on going to the dance. Nine people said they did not know if they were going or not, but they would not be appalled by the idea.

Given these statistics, it is of great uncertainty whether or not people are actually going to attend the highly anticipated Snow Ball.

However, with all the perks to this fun night, it should definitely be something to consider. Tickets are currently on sale for only $30.

That is a cheap price to pay for a night filled with dining, dancing and overall fun. The ticket tables will either be set up in front of the cafeteria or in front of the gym at lunch.

Hope to see you there! 

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