The chili recipe seemed “different” and that’s exactly why Kiran Rehman of Team Merritt chose it.

Rehman discovered a recipe for Asian-Inspired Chili on and it turned out to be the winner when the second annual Chili Cookoff was held in Room 208 on Thursday, Jan. 30.

Twenty-eight staff members participated in the voting and decided the recipe Rehman selected was the best. Mrs. Merritt’s and Mr. Gatti’s MD classes each made two types of chili for the friendly competition.

“Some were traditional and others were out of the ordinary,” Mrs. Merritt said. “We had people coming into our room to sample them. There was the excitement of who would win. There’s a family feel between the two classes.”

One of the recipes made by Gatti’s class featured pineapple and turkey sausage and was hot and spicy.

“Everyone came in and we had fun,” Rehman said, who received a high five from Mr. Forman. “We were so excited. I didn’t win. We all really won.”

Jack Stanley, also on Team Merritt, said that he “enjoyed the cooking.” The highlight of the contest for Selvin Ocampo?

“I liked eating it,” he said.

Among the ingredients in the Asian-Inspired Chili were ginger, five-spice powder, soy sauce and chili sauce. Here’s the link to the recipe: Asian Inspired Chili Recipe

Many voters were fans of the Crock Pot Crazy Pineapple Chili. The heat in the recipe came from fresh spicy peppers from Mrs. Meehan’s house along with three jalapenos. The link to the recipe follows:

“The students love to cook and they love competition!” Mr. Gatti said. “They have really grown and improved as cooks. We look forward to our next competition which will be a macaroni and cheese cookoff.”

Team Merritt consisted of Rehman, Steven Mann, Caroline Deluca, Kim Links, Julian Sanchez, Jevanie Letts, Jack Stanley and Selvin Ocampo. Members of Team Gatti were Mubashir Khan, Greg Pashos, Muhammad Naqvi and Brandon Davis.


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