This past 6 months has been rough on everyone. From quarantining at home to online school, it hasn’t exactly been a treat. Following this, there has also been a consistent lack of school spirit. Boonton is infamous for their spirit weeks and pep rallies, but because of the situation this year, they are not happening as much. Last year, BHS attempted to do a virtual spirit week, but it was not much of a hit. In addition, the online situation is causing several problems in terms of spirit. This year, schools need to proceed with caution in terms of clubs, sports, and classes.

Clubs are all online this year, and the situation is affecting dearly. Most of Boonton High’s clubs are interactive, whether it is in terms of aspects like volunteering, acting, or providing guidance to freshmen. Because they are all online this year, the freshmen are also visibly confused. There is no visual representation of the clubs, and the online setting shines a strange light on them. They might be new and confusing and hard to get around, especially with the online formatting.

In the aspect of sports, there is a visible lack of excitement. Where there used to be a multitude of people attending football games and a bomb squad hyping the crowd up, there are now ticketed entrances, and there is a limit on the amount of people allowed to enter. The games do not attract the same amount of excitement they once did.

Classes are all online this year, and that calls for a lack of motivation and school spirit. The 6 hours of technology is straining on students’ eyes and constantly sitting in one place can cause their bodies to be lazy. In addition, students rarely speak up during google meets. This can be from a lack of personal contact or from unwillingness, but whatever it may be, it is causing them to be more distanced from the school environment. Especially in the case of freshmen, they do not get to experience high school life to its fullest. Hopefully, when the situation eases up, BHS will be able to do a hybrid teaching schedule that’ll provide students with somewhat of a better learning experience.

These past 8-9 months in quarantine have not been fun, and with the winter months coming around, the situation is just getting worse. Hopefully, we will be able to manage another few months at home. Our W.A.M.P.U.S. staff encourages everyone to stay quarantined inside until further notice!

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