While this year hasn’t been what we anticipated, something creative and fun came out of it, new fashion trends. A lot of trends from previous decades are making a comeback, and being combined with gen-z fashion, there has been made a lot of room for people to express themselves through new styles of fashion. 

On many social media platforms, we have seen a multitude of people indulge themselves in an indie aesthetic, a bright, colorful style that is a combination of the 70s and early 2000s fashion. It is also described as “a skater lifestyle fashion.” The following are some trends included with this fun aesthetic:

Beads: People have been putting colorful beads into their hair, on their shoes, and on their clothes. It is usually braided or just sewn onto strands of hair and put on shoelaces. Beads are a very unique and cute way to add brightness to your outfits.

Plaid: Plaid skirts and pants have been a big part of the indie-style trend. The skirts are usually tight and short while the pants are baggier. Plaid shirts are usually paired with oversized flannels or tightly cropped t-shirts. While this style is has become more mainstream and basic, it is still fashionable and versatile.    

Mom Jeans: Mom jeans are baggy jeans that have no cuffing on the bottom and do not tighten on the ankle. They are usually worn with an oversized t-shirt and any trendy shoes, such as Converse or Air Force 1’s. These 90-2000s-style jeans are a staple in any wardrobe.


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