As the scorekeeper for the Boonton girls basketball team, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know everyone involved with the program.

This is a group of hard-working, dedicated athletes who, at the end of the day, band together to play the game of basketball. Although their win-loss record may not reflect it, I can’t imagine any other group of female athletes that are working so hard to be their best. As a young team, without many seniors, they will be together for many seasons to come and are sure to become a recognized force in girls high school basketball. 

Coach Carlin, who heads the program, along with Coach Sheehan and Coach Davidson, are the ones responsible for teaching this dedicated group the fundamentals of basketball and make them strive to be the best they can be. This is most evident in their strength to keep going no matter how tired they may be.

Kaylee Whritenour, Sara Rios, Bianca Marc, Elaiana LaGalla and many more work tirelessly moving up and down the court. This is not to undermine the other players, of course. Being a smaller squad, many of these girls are called in for multiple games but still do their best for the time they’re on the court with Kayla Manna, Layla Coache, Brooke Hopkins, and Kyra Marshall being just some of the few. Besides teaching and encouraging the girls, the coaches are dedicated to honing the teams skills which has not gone unnoticed by this scorekeeper and fans alike. 

So far, this season has been filled with difficult losses and exciting wins. Helping aid in those exciting wins are Jaden Visioli, and Amanda Tuohy, who this writer had a chance to speak with. As a freshman, Jaden Visioli feels her high percentage in foul shooting and natural form and abilities will go a long way in helping girl’s basketball to become a winning program. Freshman, Amanda Tuohy, feels that her defense and three-pointers will be the key to her contributing to both her personal and team’s success.

  As a team, coaches, players and scorekeepers alike will continue to accentuate the positives, strive for the wins, and build upon the girls highschool basketball program that we all love and are proud of today. As scorekeeper, I would like to say that I enjoy working and knowing this fine group of ladies and look forward to many seasons ahead. 

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