Most of you have probably heard that next year, the Craig School will be parting ways with Boonton High School.

The Craig School has been with us for close to six years so why are they leaving and where are they going?

After interviewing Mr. Klebez, the principal at Boonton High School, and Dr. Caparulo, principal of the Craig School, we were given a further insight on this decision.

Dr. Caparulo says that there are definitely some pros and cons to moving the school to St. Pius X in Montville. It’s a complete 360 degrees from being a part of another organization and having a relationship with another school to being on their own.

At Boonton, there have been slight inconveniences due to sharing the building such as the fact that the Craig School students have to eat lunch later because they don’t want to have a combined lunch.  Another factor is that they have to give up their gym for three months so that Boonton can use it for wrestling, cheerleading and other events.

Craig School enjoyed being in Boonton for things such as sports and being a part of another organization, but now they believe it’s time to move on. By moving to another building, they’ll be able to continue to grow their program in which Dr. Caparulo says they’re excited to do.

What is Boonton going to do about the switch? Mr. Klebez says that it’s a little too early to know what we’re doing with the extra space.

Right now, administrators are just looking at what the needs will be for next year. Maybe we’ll use that space for newer programs since Boonton could use some growing space as well.

There have been rumors of the preschool moving here that has neither been confirmed nor denied. 

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