Coffee has been known to be a teenage staple between the restless nights, all-nighters, extracurriculars, part-time jobs, and creating a social life. We rely on coffee to cope and gain energy to move on with the day. As of last week, BHS started selling iced coffee, and according to many students, it’s quite the treat. We have been selling this delectable drink for $2.25, and its reviews have been pretty positive. Many students see it as a way to wake up in the morning, but others think it’s an unhealthy decision. From the students’ points of view, it is just one of the many great things BHS has to offer, but our administrators think otherwise. 

Teachers have been having to confront students with this drink and ask them many times not to bring it to their classes because it distracts from the core purpose of class: to learn. Some students also see it as an unhealthy option in the school that should not be supported.

Freshman Angelina DeMarco thinks it’s a great way for the school to make money, but she has also understood that a few of her teachers don’t appreciate students with their drinks in class while they are teaching. Following her opinion another freshman, Ornella Campanelli has said that her teachers are also uncertain of how they feel about this. Reading these statements, we can understand that many students enjoy the drink, but access to it should be limited to before school, during lunch, and after school. 

Over the years, coffee has become a cultural capital, and in my opinion, the school utilizing it is a good thing, as long as students don’t abuse its use. It is a fun, useful way to boost your energy and keep you awake for the rest of the day.

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