When we hear the words, “dress code”, we often think of strapless shirts, short skirts, crop tops, and plunging necklines, all of which refer to women’s clothing. Administrators often point out the fact that boys are not allowed to wear shirts with large armholes that reveal their armpits, but this is not as enforced as women’s dress codes are, and when this argument is brought up, teachers turn a blind eye to the situation by claiming that, “men are more hormonal”.

To this, many young ladies in any part of the world take offense, firstly because it is a form of discrimination, and is sexist, and secondly because it is pure victim-blaming. Women are being yelled at and ridiculed because of something that is not their fault.

Very often, the question of “is a dress code necessary” comes up at least twice every summer. Obviously, being of one of the parties, I have a definite bias, but if I put myself in the shoes of someone who wouldn’t, I would see the dress code for what it is, a plain restriction put on women because of men. Often, women are restricted in this way, and it becomes a reason for them to lash out, and while the dress code was set to calm down the other party’s hormones, rage boils in ladies’ hearts because they want the feeling of being able to be free. It also tells ladies that their bodies cause negativity and cause distractions, which is the last thing to be telling an already insecure teenager.

In BHS, for example, there have been quite a few times where women have been called out because they defied the impossible standards of the dress code. From the one incident I witnessed, the girl was wearing spaghetti straps that showed off her collarbone, and the teacher lashed out at her, leaving her to be ridiculed. This caused embarrassment and shame to said girl, and anger could build up in her, possibly causing a future debacle.

Examining the dress code with an unbiased opinion, I can say that it is sexist and favors men over women, and restricts women from wearing clothes they may feel good in. This then causes women to become victims and lash out at the school board. Overall, I can say that the dress code should be as flexible to women as it is to men so that their treatment is fair and no one’s feelings get hurt.

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