Believe it or not, the app TikTok has been in our lives since 2017! Although most people didn’t start using it until late 2018, TikTok has impacted and helped us in many ways regarding fashion, food, and educating us on events that might be occurring in our day-to-day lives. While the app is known for making us laugh and starting trends that mostly revolve around dancing, TikTok is versatile enough that people with different interests can still enjoy it. It would take forever to write about every trend that kept us excited and occupied, so here are a few TikTok trends of 2020:


Whipped coffee or Dalgona coffee 

We were introduced to the whipped coffee “trend around the beginning of quarantine! Even people who don’t like coffee in the slightest ended up enjoying this drink. Although it takes a lot of whisking to make just a cup for one, this coffee recipe had everyone trying it. Some people even changed it up by replacing the instant coffee with matcha, chocolate, or strawberry powder, which still gave them the whipped consistency that makes this drink so delicious.

Euphoria themed party and makeup 

Euphoria is a show that highlights teenage problems such as drug abuse, toxic relationships, unhealthy family life, and teen pregnancy. It advocates for teenagers and the struggles that they face. The makeup worn in the show is very unique and uses bold and vibrant colors. Since quarantine brought out our creative sides, many people began to recreate the makeup looks worn by the iconic characters in the show. Besides the makeup, people were inspired by the vibes in the show. Considering this, TikToks started to go viral of people’s takes on a Euphoria themed party. 


Draco Malfoy, in the famous movie and book series “Harry Potter”, played by Tom Felton, started to go viral on TikTok after people started to rewatch the movies during Quarantine. People started to create edits of themselves in different scenes from the movies and then later, began to create edits of just Draco, starting “DracoTok.”

    I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends…

One day while everyone was scrolling through their For You pages, a video from the account, @ jayrscottyy started to go viral of a guy saying the line, I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends. It’s always one of them gotta be ugly. Ever since then, people duetted and made remakes of his video, boosting it and giving him recognition.  


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