As Thanksgiving rolls around, the time of gratefulness has dawned upon us. Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, it is often overlooked, which is why I have tried to bring the Thanksgiving spirit back to BHS. It is often hard for us to think of things we are thankful for because humans are negative more than half of the time, but when we sit down and empty our minds, ideas flood in. 

When asked what they were thankful for, people commonly answered ‘family’ or ‘friends’. But because of our insecurities, we are not able to think of things deeper within ourselves. At BHS, a significant amount of people reported that they were thankful for their family and friends but others, such as Corey DumpsTaR (?) explained that he was thankful for his football team making it to the states. This would further his future goals and build a path for him to excel upon. Being aware of what you are thankful for can often help you with future affairs. 

Present thankfulness is also an inherent necessity because to be presently aware of our surroundings, we need to have certain beliefs and goals for ourselves that will push us. BHS staff like Mr. Barati and Mrs. Braner are thankful for their current students and their cooperativeness in classes. By being thankful for this, they can recognize something that has improved in their lives between the present day and the past and it can motivate them and others to push for better improvements in the future. 

Other things BHS staff and students are thankful for are: 

“My younger sister, Pragya.” -Prajit Shrestha

“The way my health has supported me and my athletic system is helping me towards future goals.” -Bella Viruet

“The AT&T signal.” -Ornella Campanelli

“Garlic and pizza.” Mr. LaVaglio. When told this was for the BHS newspaper, he switched his answer to, “I’m thankful for cardigans and Mr. Frangipane.” His down-to-Earth and present answer seemed lighthearted but it made him sit and think for a while about what he could say that would capture his interests and contributions at the same time. He also pointed out that he had a strong affection towards rock music. 

Conclusively, Mr. Klebez wrapped up by saying he was thankful for “wonderful students, a wonderful family, and a wonderful work environment.” He pointed on all of the topics that made him stand out. 

Overall, BHS is thankful for a lot of things in the past, present, and things that will help build up for the future. Thinking about what you’re thankful for is a great way to exercise the mind and relax tension. What are you thankful for? 

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