February was a month of snow, snow, and more snow. With every week bringing a new storm, spring couldn’t seem farther away, proving Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of six more weeks of winter very accurate. While New Jersey may be accustomed to dealing with lots of snow, southern states—Texas in particular—are not. In case you haven’t seen it all over the media, I got a firsthand account to confirm the unfortunate truth that Texans are very much in hot water. (Or in this case, cold snow.) 

I never realized just how many preparations are needed to handle freezing weather until I learned the consequences of being completely unprepared. According to my Texan cousin, “One problem is that a LOT of water pipes busted because they weren’t properly insulated to handle the cold. Another was that many did not have generators because they’re not used to storms coming in and knocking out the power.” There aren’t any snowplows either, but magnesium chloride was put on overpasses to prevent ice from forming. Schools, workplaces, and some roads have been shut down since the snowstorms. Transportation has become difficult, and because there are pipe and leak issues to be fixed, people are finding themselves in the confinement of their homes.

Photo by LA Times

On the other hand, New Jersey hasn’t been having nearly as many issues. With our insulated pipes, generators, and snowplows, we’ve been handling the snow fairly well. Boonton Schools did allot their students and staff a snow day after the first big snowstorm but has since only turned school virtual when necessary. For now, it seems like the worst is over and there won’t be any more snow in the near future. Not that we need any more with the two feet already outside. To my mother who kept encouraging me to go outside and enjoy the snow while it lasts…It’s not going anywhere. There are still sidewalks that have yet to be shoveled, making for some very snow-filled shoes. 

So if you have free time or would like to freeze until your fingers are numb, I suggest going outside and enjoying the snow. It should be very easy to find. 

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