As Christmastime rolls around and more and more people are getting into the holiday spirit, the string lights start to illuminate the night sky and trees start to add holiday spirit to the interior. Here are a few unique ways you can decorate your tree this year and brighten up your home: 

1: Vintage-Inspired Trains: 

A Christmas tree itself is beautiful, but something that adds a focal point and a hint of a rustic feel is a train circling the trunk of a tree. Letting them chug away at the skirt of your tree adds a vintage and homey look to your tree that brings nothing but smiles!

2: Christmas Sweets: 

A way to incorporate Christmas into your tree is by adding staple Christmastime snacks. Candy canes, peppermints, and gingerbread ornaments can hang from your tree to reflect the red theme of Christmas. You can also add a popcorn garland that would undoubtedly become the focus of the tree and make an amazing topic of speech. 

3: Snowman Inspired

With snow piling up at Christmas, snowmen are a great way to spruce up your ordinary Christmas tree. Instead of a star at the top, you can put a top hat and give your tree some life. Make Frosty the star of your show by adding some snowflakes, snowmen, and love to your otherwise plain tree. 

4: Up-cycled Ornaments

If you’re a very earthy person, this is the decoration for you! Spruce up your living room with metallic decorations, originating from the Junk Gypsies who used a thrifted bass drum as a tree stand, and a used gold crown as a tree topper and still managed to make their tree light up brighter than the stars. 

5: Mini-Tree

I know this is already a modern trend, but mini-trees are an adorable way of sprucing up your room during Christmastime. You can decorate it with small ornaments, sparkling lights, and a gorgeous tree topper to bring the festivities into your room and brighten up your day. A nice way to add a bit of up-cycling to this would be to also incorporate a painted tin can as the stand. 

As the year comes to a close, here are some ways you can decorate your tree extensively to celebrate the holidays and also end the year off on a great and creative note. The holidays are always a fun time of year so whether you spend it with family, friends, or alone, these tree hacks should add festivities to your home and help you experience the Christmas joy as much as anyone else. 

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