On Feb. 5, our very own Boonton High School opened up a school store, very out of the blue, offering items such as sweatpants and T-shirts, in a grand show of school spirit.

Under the direction of Mr. Nash and Mr. Engelberger, the store, located in the media center, was an attraction its first week, although it is questionable whether or not it will stay that way. The first two customers were students Farhana Elias, a sophomore, and Mariana Lozano, a freshman.

“This is good because students can come in and buy clothing and items to support the school and show their spirit,” Elias said. “People will know what school you go to.”

Lozano added, “This is really cool. The clothing represents the school.”

Farhana Elias and Mariana Lozano were the first customers at the Boonton High School school store.

Because the store opened very abruptly and without fanfare, the W.A.M.P.U.S. staff decided to do some investigating, and interviewed Mr. Nash.

According to Mr. Nash, the store came about because of several Gateway students, now graduated. Current Gateway students will run the store, open during the common lunch block, and all profits will go to purchasing more merchandise.

Mr. Nash hopes the store will foster school pride. In the future, the media center will be more akin to a coffee shop, a perfect area for studying but also enjoying your time.

With the coming of this store, new ideas are being brought to reinvent the school in many great ways, and, honestly, it’s really pumping a lot of the students up. The relatively fair prices and new ideas have benefited the school and hopefully will continue to do so as we observe the rise in school spirit and new traditions.

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