At this time in our society, there have been many speaking against the status quo, and this has all been supported, but one group of people who have decided to speak their minds have completely endangered the whole human race. These people are called the anti-vaxxers, and they oppose vaccination, and will not let their children get vaccinated, and this leads to a number of problems, all eventually leading to a higher rate of death.

So far, vaccine hesitancy has been named as one of the top ten threats to global health, according to the World Health Organization. Analyzing numbers, we can say that around 2 to 3 million deaths are prevented a year worldwide due to vaccination and another 1.5 could be saved if worldwide vaccination rates improve. This just goes to show that there is the harm in removing vaccinations and putting them more to use is definitely needed to improve worldwide survivor rates.

Here in the US, there are individual choices for each state, and while some states allow anti-vax for a religious exemption, some are completely against it. Realistically speaking, vaccinations should only not be taken in the case that there is a serious medical problem that makes your body reject the medicine.

So far, the government has done many things to prevent anti-vaccination, such as requiring it to go to school. There has also been a decrease in social media advertisements about it so that people see it as something that is not modernly acceptable and will cause serious health issues.

Overall, the main reason vaccination should be taken is because it is the reason that most people live to this day and age, and it prevents loads of health complications, and there is no reason for not taking them, so it is better to take it than risk having anti-vaxxed children with a higher death risk.

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