Vaping is an addictive battery powered e-cigarette. High school and middle school kids have begun to get addicted to this substance at such a degrading age. Mr. Bellini, Boonton High School’s own Culture of Caring instructor strives to make a difference concerning the universal problem that is vaping. “The main purpose of the Vaping Project is to get you guys (students) to do something. To take a cause that is important and to do something about it.” Mr. Bellini tells us that the main purpose of pushing his classes to do the vaping projects is to actually get them to act on the epidemic that is happening in their generation. Projects he has provoked his classes to do are vaping facts on morning announcements, posters, small vaping logos throughout the school, and an instagram account to help stop vaping. Seven posters were made throughout the school about facts and how to stop vaping, on the morning announcements, facts were given to open the minds of people who may want to stop vaping, and the logos are to encourage a positive mindset about stopping. In addition, the instagram was made so that people of our generation could see vaping through an online perspective. After questioning Mr. Bellini about whether he had accomplished his goal he told us, “ You tell me whether I accomplished it. Do you see a difference in the people in the school?” As a student in Mr. Bellini’s class, he questions us whether the people who tried to make a change have actually made a change (since he had no way to find out). Mr. Bellini is a man trying to save lives and is willing to go to drastic measures to make a difference in our very own school environment. 

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