TikTok, formally known as Musically, has fought its way through the charts and has teens all over the world raving about it. The app has reinforced many trends and has flourished through other social media platforms. Drama, songs, and people can become popular and explore their creativity because of this simple app. TikTok has no specific age limit, so anyone can lip-sync to their favorite songs or make anything the mind can imagine. Many “TikTokers” have flourished to fame due to the “for you” page.

This place on the app shows your personal preferences of TikToks, and as well places small accounts that create videos to gain followers and likes. Accounts can create their own audios or use mainstream and undiscovered music. Due to the TikTok craze, stars have become huge for their songs like Lil Nas x and Lizzo.

TikTok does have its alarming side of the videos but, all internet programs do. What can you do? TikTok has created many new ways of “styles” and people, for example, e-boys and vsco girls. This has drawn huge attention to certain accounts due to their respective styles and trends that have caused a humorous but alarming satisfaction to what it’s like to be a teen in the modern world. This trend has spread to adapt to its respective counterparts and create a healthy platform of creativity. 

The app has been supportive with many other trends that our generation wasn’t able to explore with the short-lived app “vine”. TikTok is primarily known for its dance trends but also supports amazing artists that showcase their creations on the app, as well as comedians. Most accounts on the app really seem to enjoy their time spent on TikTok, and we can expect more from here on out!

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