China is known to be able to replicate anything possible. First the Eiffel tower and now one of the worst events in history, The Holocaust. For years China has kept this a secret from the world and now since they are exposed, they are covering it up by telling fake stories such as these are educational camps to get them back on their feet. There camps are plotted everywhere around China starting from Xinjiang to all the way to its capital Beijing. Over two million Muslims from Afghanistan, Mecca, Egypt and many more have been detained either by the government taking away their passports or sending constrictive notes about breaking the law. They are forced into the camps and told to do the “haram”. This means do what their religion tell them not to do. For an example, in the camps they are forced to eat pork, not fast, pray to China’s idol/god, and practice to watch and do sex. The women are raped in front of the camp as the people are told to watch. If the Muslim detainees don’t watch they are whipped and in worst cases taken out of the group to be beaten up. China uses many tactics to get Muslim predators into their horrifying camps. They force Chinese men to go to different Muslim countries and marry the Muslim women and keep them as workers/slaves until they are able to sell them as slaves. Chinese are now forcing the so called “slaves” from camps also into labor. 

A Chinese camp survivor, Mihrigul Tursun describes her journey through  the camps. “ I never thought I could come to the U.S., but I thought if I could get to Egypt, I would at least be safe there”. Little  did she know that China would target her there in Egypt as well. Mihrigul started as a non Muslim women in China who later on went to study religions and traveled around many Muslim countries. Later on she settled in Egypt, got married and had triplets. Later  on she decided to return back to her home country and that’s when the trouble began. “ I was in the Xichang airport and that’s when they separated me from my three kids, they placed tape over my mouth, put a bag over my head, handcuffed me and they transported me over to the detention camps. Mihrigul says that she was abused by Chinese authorities and they believed she was a spy because of her new faith. In the middle of her trials in the camps she said loudly, “Ya, Allah” to try to seek help from her faith. She knew the Chinese authorities would abuse her or her family in a way for committing such love for her religion. The next day she learned , two of her children  and her mother passed away. Luckily later on she was free of the camp and left back for Egypt. Returning back, she found out her husband went to China looking for her, and got caught himself.

China has hid its criminal background and continually tells stories to hide what they actually are doing to Muslims not just from China but from all over Asia. There amazing ways to replicate historical times is out of hand obscurely close. Only few have been able to survive the camps and either they survived from changing religions or another family member trading themselves in. Life after being detained is also a life changing event. Women are at best chance not able to have kids, organs and health issues and much more. It is a crime to treat Muslims in and out from China to long life full of everything there religions prevents them from doing.

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