As the new year approaches, the 2010s will come to a close, and it will mark the beginning of the 2020s. Based on predictions made by scientists, companies, politicians, and organizations, we can get a rough view of some major events that are likely to occur next year. However, many of these events are just approximations and predictions, so they are not certain to occur.

It is said that in the summer of 2020, NASA will deploy a new series of Martian rovers. These new rovers will touch down sometime around February 2021, and will land in the Jezero Crater. It has been hypothesized that a long time ago, this crater could have hosted liquid water in rivers and lakes. The new rovers, once on the surface, will examine the environment of the crater to look for signs of past life. If we get lucky, this project could finally give us proof of interstellar life.

There are also many technological advancements that are likely to be developed sometime around 2020. One of these is texting by thinking. Even though it may sound like sci-fi, it is likely that, through the use of eye trackers and brain sensors, they may be released to the public in 2020. In the medical field, new, possible life-saving technologies, may also be developed. For example, scientists are working on replaceable organs grown from stem cells. These could help save many lives and possibly make donating organs obsolete. It is also shown that we may have almost eradicated malaria via newly developed pills in 2020. Currently, around half of the world’s population lives at risk of malaria, and this new medication could also help save hundreds of millions of lives.

The internet has also been rapidly growing in size over the years. Based on current trends, there will be an estimated 5 billion internet users worldwide by 2020, much more than the current 4.4 billion. This means that in 2020, around 60% of everyone on Earth will have internet access. This is mostly due to technological advancements and lowering costs of electronic devices. 

Likely the biggest event in the United States in 2020 will be the presidential election. It will occur on November 3, less than a year from now. It is highly likely that based on current data, the republican candidate will be Donald Trump, and the democratic candidate will either be Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren.

As for the 2020 Summer Olympics, it has been confirmed that they will be held in Tokyo, Japan. It has been scheduled for the events to take place from July 24th to August 9th.

Based on what we currently know, 2020 is predicted to be a year that will hold many new technological advancements and world events, and humanity is advancing faster than ever before.

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