The ongoing pandemic has obviously ruined the experience of going to movie theaters to watch new releases. However, Netflix has taken advantage of the situation and stepped up its game with original series and movies. In November, there were quite a few new releases that have become popular and gained attention. I took the liberty of watching a few for myself and seeing the hype behind them. Here’s what I thought: 

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder/ TV-MA

This is a documentary about popular singer Shawn Mendes. Taking place during the course of his recent world tour, the celebrity opens up about his rise to stardom, ongoing relationships, and musical future.  


New York Times, Billboard and other sources rated the movie at around a 6.8 out of 10 for multiple reasons. Throughout some parts of the movie, he talked in detail about his musical career, inspirations, and aspirations, and people were astonished and inspired by his musical and lyrical genius. However, throughout other parts of the movie, he talked about his problems, which viewers found did not build the plot and were overall not as interesting to hear. All things aside, it was viewed as a realistic and educational movie depicting the reality of the music business for interested teens and young adults. 


The Princess Switch: Switched Again/ TV-G

The sequel to “The Princess Switch,” this movie rapidly gained fame and quickly reached Netflix’s Top 10. In this new movie, two lookalikes need to switch places once again to smooth out wrinkles in the course of their love lives. But when a third doppelganger joins the party, things start to get complicated. 

This movie was rated a 5.4 out of 10 by multiple sources because it was just as predictable as any other Christmas romance. However, I believe that the charm of Christmas movies is their predictability. It was also described as “another Hallmark movie.” The plot twist with the third doppelganger was what people most liked about this movie, and of course, its ending was great as well. To find out more, visit Netflix to watch both this movie and its first part.

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