As the leaves start falling and the ground turns orange, you know spooky season is about to roll around, so here is a list of some movies to get you in your Halloween spirit.

  1. Halloween

If you’re into thriller movies and want something scary to watch, Halloween is perfect for you! This movie starts with six-year-old Michael Myers who is weirdly into murdering others including his sister Judith and his stepfather. His mother realizes her son is a psychopath and when she discovers that he killed their family, he is taken away and locked up in Smiths Grove for 15 years. One day, while being transferred into his room, he kills three police by himself (I know!) and escapes. He steals a car and drives away to his hometown where he stalks his next victim. There are currently 11 movies out in the series and there are more being made that will come out in the next few years.

2. Twitches

Coming home from school on a cold fall evening was the best feeling, but what made it even better was when my mom told me that Twitches was on. Twin sisters Camryn and Alex were separated from each other on the day they were born and grew up with two separate families. On their 21st birthday, they reunite and realize that they have magic powers that they can use to save the world that they were born in and also where their birth mother is living in. Even with obstacles in their way, they get their happy ending. To make everything even better, there is a Twitches Too that you should definitely watch.

3. Halloweentown

Halloweentown is a Disney Channel Original movie that everyone has probably watched at least once in their life, if not, your missing out and should watch this movie like right now. Marnie’s mom has a problem with her and her siblings going trick-or-treating like every other normal kid on Halloween night and they don’t understand why. Their grandma randomly comes over and gives them presents like Halloween candy and costumes. She also reads them the Halloweentown bedtime story that has a drawing of a witch that resembles Marnie. Before grandma Aggie leaves, she has a fight with Marnie ́s mother because she’s afraid that her kids will find out about their background involving Halloween. Marnie decides that she wants to find out what her mother was talking about so she follows her grandma on this mysterious flying bus that takes her to Halloweentown. Halloweentown is where supernatural beings live a ¨normal life.¨ Her siblings also come along and they find out that they come from a family of witches that have to fight the evil in order from them taking over the world.

4. Monster House

Monster House is another one of those movies that everyone has watched especially growing up. The day that I found out it was on Netflix was probably the best day for me and I’ve watched it every Halloween since then. DJ looks out his window one day and notices how creepy and old the house in front of his is. When DJ and his friends, Chowder and Jenny try telling his babysitter and her weird boyfriend that the house is actually a monster, they completely ignore them. The trio realizes that no one is going to believe them so they have to destroy the house themselves before Halloween so it doesn’t harm any trick-or-treaters. The house itself is hard to destroy so imagine having to deal with the old guy living in it who thinks that his wife is still alive in it… Yea well they end up demolishing it once the old guy, Nebbercracker realizes his wife is just hurting everyone (spoiler alert) and Halloween is saved for everyone. Nebbercracker also changes his ways and learns to be nice.

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