On Oct. 22, our very own Boonton High School art teacher, Ms. Kraa, was invited to attend a panel that honored many artists who have found recognition in the art world.

Ms. Kraa has followed a strong artistic path throughout the years, and she continues to receive recognition from many museums and studios where her art is exhibited and adored.

Being a Douglass College graduate, she was fortunate to study under renowned artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Geoffrey Hendricks and Ulfert Wilke. Ms. Kraa was given the opportunity to be featured in the recently published book by American art critic and author, Joan Marter, titled “Women Artists on the Leading Edge.”

When interviewed, Ms. Kraa expressed her excitement in taking part in this panel, as well as being included in “Women Artists on the Leading Edge,” as she believes that it demonstrates her success as an artist.

“It isn’t easy nowadays to excel as an artist but I think when you show a great passion for your hobbies, things will work in your favor,” Ms. Kraa said.

Ms. Kraa, who has shown her great love for art through the teaching of students as well as her outside career, has shown exceptional growth in her artistic approach. She has been endlessly motivated to create art in which she can use her magnificent ability to explore new concepts and imagery, thus establishing her very unique style.

She has showcased her artwork all over the country, and this has gained her much exposure to several art collectors, including celebrities such as Greta Garbo, Zachary Scott, and Tony Curtis. With her paintings in the hands of these celebrities, Kraa’s fame has skyrocketed, allowing her future opportunities to grow and mature her work. 

Additionally, Kraa has been given the opportunity to showcase her art in the famed Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Through this, she has been able to further her recognition and represent art at BHS, while also setting an example for aspiring creators.

By far, one of her most astounding accomplishments is becoming a member of the National Association of Women Artists in 2016. This, among her many achievements, has allowed her to present her work in an innovative way, and become one step closer to achieving her dreams of becoming a world-renowned artist. 

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