The many students involved with the recently unveiled college admissions scandal are now being analyzed as to whether they are worthy of continuing their studies at these prestigious universities or not. As of last week, 50 people have been charged in federal court for their long-standing plot of illegally getting high school students admitted into the country’s top colleges and universities. The supposed scheme is believed to have started back in 2011, however,  this case has only been looked at for a little more than a year. Investigators are still digging up the raw details of this national scandal, but we do know that the heart of this occurrence lies within the fact that parents paid $200,000 – $6.5 million in return for getting their children admitted into well-respected schools. Allegations also included parents bribing SAT and ACT officials to authorize cheating during college entrance exams. The parents charged have now become the targets of many criminal protests.

Among the people charged in this college admissions, the scandal is actress Lori Loughlin. It has been rumored that Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Gianulli, have previously paid a large sum of $500,000 to get their two daughters admitted into the University of Southern California as recruits under the USC crew team, despite them both never playing a sport. Not only that, but their daughter, Olivia Jade, also famous Youtuber, has been accused of not filling out her own application, and it is still in question whether or not she will be expelled from USC or not. Furthermore, Sephora dropped their partnership with Olivia Jade amid the college admissions scandal. Many spiteful comments have even been posted on Sephora’s website, which only shows how much anger people are holding over this situation. A review under one of the Youtuber’s newest palettes even said, “Won’t help you get into college. Didn’t work. I guess I need $500,000 and no brains.”

At this point in the investigation of the scandal, no students have been penalized. Regarding those charged, judges are still discussing the punishment of the felonies, in which it is very much possible that those accused could face time in jail.

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