Dangerously large fires have been forming in Australia, causing billions of innocent animals, many humans, and willing fire fighters to lose their homes and lives. This incident started back in September 2019 and has made its way into early 2020. It has been said that these fires have started due to a large drought, and even human action such as arson. However, the climate condition is mainly a sufficient factor for the fires growing and spreading. Wind has accompanied along with the severe heat, causing the fires to spread rapidly. At the moment, Australia is facing an intense drought, and it is said to be the worst in decades. Given the massive heat wave hitting in December, the record has been broken for highest nationwide average temperature. 

Towns have been immersed in flames, and residents across the country have lost their homes. In total, more than 17.9 million acres of land have been burned across Australia’s 6 states. A total of 26 people and willing firefighters have died due to the fires. More than one billion animals have died and lost their homes, and it has reached the extent where koalas have been pronounced an endangered species. 

Many celebrities have started funds for this important cause such as Stranger Things star, Dacre Montgomery, to help Australia, our planet, and the humans and animals who have suffered from the fire. Other celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, P!nk, Kylie Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, Shawn Mendes, and Selena Gomez have also contributed from 500,000 to five million dollars to help the damage that has been done in Australia. 

Throughout the years, our world has been immensely affected due to human actions, and if we continue to treat the world the way we have been, we won’t have one to live in. As scary as it sounds, our future is diminishing slowly. It is dependent on our actions and how we treat everything around us. So if you care about your planet, even a little bit, you can go online and learn how to help the planet by doing little things such as reducing your carbon footprint, or even recycling.

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