On Oct. 5, 2018, mouths dropped open as a $1.4 million-dollar artwork was shredded in front of the world. Banksy, an anonymous renowned graffiti artist from England, planned to give all philanthropists at his auction a culture shock seconds after his most famous artwork, “Girl With Balloon,” was sold., its golden frame shredded it, ultimately stopping at the top of the paper. Banksy did not mean for this to happen. His ultimate goal being the shredding of the entire paper, but it still proved his lesson: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”

Banksy hid the shredder inside the painting frame, concealing it from inspectors. Although there was controversy about whether or not the auction hall staff knew about it, it still didn’t get in the way of his secret. He also depicted the life of a street artist, difficult and tiring, but worth the time. Most street artists conceal their identities so that they are able to make free art for the world. There are many suspicions about Banksy’s identity, none of which have been confirmed. Most of his work so far has been showing the world the possibilities of art and its boundless depictions.

Banksy’s morals consist of fighting for his beliefs and, with this phenomenon, it was no different. Banksy wanted people to realize that art wasn’t just to buy but to enjoy, study, and to cherish. He wanted people to understand art the way he did, and understand that anything could be called art if depicted correctly.

Although the artwork caused controversy in many areas, the buyer kept the piece. It is now called “Love Is in the Bin.” The artwork skyrocketed in price after being shredded and will be known as one of the most historical moments in art history. This just went to show how much Banksy valued art and how he aimed to show everyone what art was.

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