Have you ever decided to sit down and relax by watching Netflix? Well, we’ve all been there and are guilty for that. But what if you can’t find anything good to watch because everything is boring and has a bad storyline? Well, here are a few Netflix movies you shouldn’t watch and waste your time on.

1. SPF 18

This movie deserves credit for being so unique due to how bad and weird the plot is. Like what was going on through the scriptwriters’ minds while they wrote this? The main character, Penny is an over-privileged girl who dislikes her mother. She doesn’t have any problems affecting her, but the boy named Johnny, played by no other than the famous Noah Centineo, went through a loss where his dad dies and that is the reason he and Penny are in love. Makes sense? The only good thing about the movie is the celebrity cameos, and besides that, it felt like they wanted to make the aesthetic of Instagram into a movie that went terribly wrong.

2. Tall Girl

Imagine the kids going to Boonton High School made fun of you and were constantly on your back about how tall you were… Yeah, that situation doesn’t seem to be close to reality and rarely occurs in the real world. The main character, Jodi who is the tall girl starts to hate her body image and doesn’t think highly of her future until a mysterious tall boy named Stig starts going to her school. So basically, your life isn’t close to being hard unless you’re a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. The only thing that seemed to drive this movie was the hope that “tall girl” would find love based on height.

3. Swiped

Every recent Netflix movie seems to be starring Noah Centineo and just because he’s good looking doesn’t mean he should be thrown into every movie. The main character, James is easily identified as a nerd when the movie starts because he’s watching a technology show and not interacting with anyone else. His sister keeps exposing him by basically saying he’s a loser. James’ roommate who is the popular kid named Lance bribes him by saying ¨make an app for me so I can get girls anonymously, without having to commit and I’ll give you money to go to a better college!¨ Obviously James doesn’t hesitate and does the deal which goes its way, but this movie just seems so sexist, has terrible acting, and as you keep watching the movie, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

4. Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Don’t waste an hour and 45 minutes of your time watching this movie, unless you’re really bored with your life or want to watch another movie starring Noah Centineo. To summarize this movie, Sierra Burgess is a high school girl who gets good grades, is in the marching band, could care less about her appearance, and is a big loser. Veronica, the mean girl, hates Sierra because she doesn’t fit in. Jamie who is played by (you guessed it!) no other than our infamous Noah Centineo, is an awkward football player who wants Veronica’s number, but of course, is handed Sierra ́s instead as a joke. The plot of this movie is Jamie assuming that he is talking to Veronica when in reality its Sierra the whole time. In conclusion, Sierra catfished a guy, she kissed someone without their consent, faked being deaf, and then cyberbullied her friend and all of this was forgiven when she wrote a song.  If you thought the other movies were bad, this just got worse.

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