It’s Valentine’s Day again, and it brings with it pink flowers, red hearts and little candies with cheesy sayings on them. It’s easy to feel lonely on the 14th when you’re single. Seeing couples exchange cute little gifts only reaffirms the fact that you’re alone. Valentine’s day is great, but only really for those who have a partner to spend it with, but what about the singles? Well, I picked out 10 things that singles can do to feel less alone.


  1. Take yourself out on a date. Call your favorite restaurant, make a reservation for one and own it with confidence.
  2. Plan a group date. Invite some of your single friends out and have some fun!
  3. See a movie. Go to the theaters or stay in and watch a movie you have been wanting to see.
  4. Get a massage. Relax by having all the tension and stress removed from your body. 
  5. Stay off Social Media. Keep busy and off your phone to avoid any FOMO that could ruin your special day.
  6. Invite a friend over. Stay in and snuggle under cozy blankets and watch your favorite rom-com while eating heart-shaped chocolates.
  7. Sleep. Catch up on some much-needed sleep and wake up well rested.
  8. Hang out with family. Remind your family members how much they mean to you by spending time with them.
  9. Pamper yourself. Grab a book or play some music, run a hot bath, break off a piece of that overpriced Lush bubble bar and unwind.
  10. Love yourself. At the end of the day no matter what your “status” may be, remind yourself that you are amazing.

It’s common for a single to feel suffocated by all the Valentine’s Day talk, but know that you aren’t alone. Whether you stay in or go out, make sure you are doing something you love and that makes you happy. Treat yourself because you deserve it.

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